So, the good news is, yesterday I was successful in applying for a freelance visa in Germany. Woohoo! If it wasn't too cold right now I would celebrate by taking my clothes off and running through the streets of Hamburg naked. Well, maybe I wouldn't, but you get my idea. 

The long bureaucratic visa process is almost at its end! Seriously, it was a massive test of my organisational abilities. So many pieces of paper. So many stamps. I can finally relax for now knowing that I will be able to live, work and study here for the next year.

I do miss Australia, and it will always be my home, but for now I am enjoying the European minimalist lifestyle. Going out for a coffee, watching plays and generally "getting amongst it" has really had an impact on the way I see the world. Its like looking through the eyes of a child, everything here is new and interesting. 

For the first time this winter, it has finally started to snow. I don't believe anybody is more excited about that than I am. Hopefully it snows even more in the coming weeks and I can make a snowman for the first time in my life! 

I start my new career next week as an English teacher. I'm really look forward to it! Being able to pass on knowledge is one of the most important things in life. Hopefully it pays enough to support the living costs here. All up I pay about 750 to 800 euros a month before I even see a cent! 

Apart from that, everything is good. 

Until next time

Take it easy guys


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    Raymond Uhe is a young Australian writer, rapper and student, currently living in Hamburg, Germany. 


    January 2014